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Diabetic Question and Answer


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  • What is a Diabetic Foot Ulcer? 
    Any break in the skin of a diabetic patient can be considered an ulcer, even a cut, scrape, or blister, however usually the context of an ulcer means that there is a sore or break in the skin that is deeper than a usual cut/scrape. 

  • Do diabetic shoes really help?  
    YES!  There have been many studies done that show that reducing pressure and irritation on the feet with diabetic shoes and insoles can help prevent foot problems, especially ulcers.

    • What are diabetic shoes and insoles?  
      Diabetic shoes are shoes that have been evaluated specifically to show they are of a certain standard for support, structure, and durability.  A diabetic shoe must be extra-depth as well. Diabetic inserts must be made out of specific 3 layers of material. These materials have shown that they help support the foot while reducing pressure and friction on the foot, which can lead to irritation and sores.