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Bako/CTS- Wide array of topical products designed to treat a variety of skin and nail conditions, commonly incorporating multiple ingredients to decrease the number of prescriptions required to treat a condition, often becoming more cost-effective.


Dr. Jill's- Multiple types of gel padding and cushions to offload or accommodate various deformities.



Biofreeze- Doctor's office-dispensed only gel used to treat musculoskeletal pain, which can help improve patient function and activity.


Amerigel- Topical antibiotic gel designed to treat infection, including MRSA.  Gel is also a drying agent to prevent excess moisture around the wound which can cause skin breakdown and increase healing time.


Powerstep inserts- An affordable alternative shoe insert designed to treat various musculoskeletal foot deformities.  Made of a durable plastic shell and covered with additional cushioning to increase lifespan and patient compliance.  Those available in the office provide increased stability than those found in running stores.